Carpet pad and tile are popular choices in commercial spaces like airports, offices and hospitals. Spray-Lock 6500 is ideal for carpet pad, as it allows carpet to be installed the same day, rather than waiting 24 hours. Spray-Lock 6500 for carpet tile also makes for a quick, easy and safe installation. All products expedite the entire process by allowing instant access after the carpet pad or tile is down, allowing the entire job to be finished in one day.


Low profile
Immediate access to traffic
No HVAC shutdown

 Reuse or recycle tiles
 Faster repairs
 No offensive odors

Spray Lock Luxury Vinyl Tile Spray Adhesive

6500 LVT/Carpet Tile & Pad
Flooring Adhesive


Warrantied for:

98% RH, 8 lbs MVER, 11pH


150-185 ft2 (14-17.2 m2)

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