Luxury vinyl planks and tiles (LVT) are quickly becoming the fastest growing flooring options in both commercial and residential installations due to the low cost, durability, and variety of designs. The Spray-Lock 6500 adhesives are formulated to compliment these same ends.
These highly versatile adhesives provide extended open time, allowing for careful installation, yet deliver an instant shear strength that allows immediate access for traffic. Together, this has shown to reduce installation time by as much as 50%.


For high moisture substrates, Spray-Lock offers 6500 Platinum as a reliable solution. The proprietary formula has a track record of improving a customer’s moisture failure rate of 23% to less than 1% over a span of 300 million square feet.


Spray-Lock 6500 adhesives can reduce your overall cost per square foot and keep your projects ahead of schedule.


No trowel marks
Immediate access to traffic
Low profile

 Wax and finish floors immediately
 Instant shear strength
 Reduces work-related injuries

Spray Lock Luxury Vinyl Tile Spray Adhesive

6500 LVT, LVP, Carpet Tile & Pad
Flooring Adhesive

Warrantied for:

98% RH, 8 lbs MVER, 11pH


150-185 ft2 (14-17.2 m2)

Spray Lock Luxury Vinyl Tile Platinum Spray Adhesive

6500 Platinum LVT, LVP, Approved Carpet Tile
Flooring Adhesive

Warrantied for:

99% RH, 10 lbs MVER, 12pH


100-125 ft2 (9.3-11.6 m2)

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